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Interpreting Training - 'Next Step' Develop Interpreting Skills course

with IBSL Level 4 Award in Bilingual Skills (BSL/English) qualification


This course is suitable for students who are signing at BSL Level 6 Language Qualification standard (either having achieved this qualification or working towards holding this qualification).

PLUS, as part of your studies, you have the added bonus of the opportunity to gain the qualification iBSL Level 4 Award in Bilingual Skills (BSL/English). If you wish to do this all you have to pay extra is the assessment fees of £208.

Students who enrol on this course could be working as Communication Support Workers (CSWs) and wish to enhance their skills, and or be pursuing, or be considering and have an interest in, a career as a Sign Language Interpreter. Students are expected to be in contact with a range of Deaf native Sign Language users, through work, voluntary work or other.

This is a taught course providing a framework within which to learn the theoretical skills and practical skills, both needed in the role of Sign Language Interpreter. Modules taught in the classroom cover all aspects of Interpreting and students are expected to enhance their learning outside of the classroom through self-study, continual assessment and reflection.

This course will aid people who work as CSWs and can be a springboard to becoming a Trainee Interpreter (TI) It provides the knowledge and skills needed to work in these roles. Trainees, after some support and interpreting experience, may later progress to full qualification status through the completion of the NVQ Portfolio Building Programme route or University Qualification Route (not offered at SfT)

To be considered for this Interpreter Training course please contact the office for an individual assessment and an informal interview.

Qualification Structure

The Next Steps -Developing the Skills training modules will consist of:

Preparation skills
One-Way Interpreting
Two-Way interpreting
Sight Translation
Consecutive / Simultaneous
Coping Strategies - control interaction
Language research and development
Register - BSL and English
Turn- taking
Self evaluation - Glossing, Objective, Miscues
Use of time lag
Sight translation
Intro to Socio-linguistics
Research Homework
Advanced BSL

Our tutors:
Helen Fuller (Hearing), Judith Jackson (Deaf)

Helen has been working for 20 years as an Interpreter here in England and abroad, as an EV for NVQ Interpreting Portfolio, and also working along with Judith in Next Steps-Developing skills Interpreting courses for the last 7 years; with RNID and Remark in England, Ireland and Wales, she brings a wealth of experience to budding interpreters! She has previously worked. She can share a very wide experience with students.

Judith has been working for 35 years as a teacher, IV and Assessor. She was involved in creating Assessing Criteria for Signature. As an International Interpreter she has also worked with Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, Holland. She is 5th generation Deaf and offers a 'rich' real life perspective on Interpreting services and the changes experienced by the Deaf over time; A great deal of experience she loves to share with students. Never a dull moment with Judith!

Judith and Helen are an incredible team as they both can bring their own perspective (Deaf/hearing) on the subject of Interpreting. They have designed this unique course for you! As well as learning the key language interpreting skills, you will learn what it means to be professional and the ethics & dilemmas involved in this. They will teach you skills but you will also be given a large amount of practical work. They will coach and mentor you throughout the course, giving constructive feedback and real guidance so that you are able to make the most of your newly learnt skills and knowledge.

Course Dates

Friday / Saturdays ONCE A MONTH

2019: Oct 4/5
Nov 1/2

2020: Dec 6/7
Jan 10/11
Feb 7/8
March 6/7
April 3/4
May 8/9
June 5/6
July 3/4

FaceTime chat or drop in, do ask Penny about any questions, it is FREE! Facetime 07966986306 or email

Course Costs

*Information and Selection Day 28th June 2019 to register fill in the online enrolment form. £130 plus VAT

The cost:
£ 2250 plus VAT Payment of fees by instalments may be agreed on arrangement.

Why Choose us

As part of your studies you will have the opportunity to gain
IBSL Level 4 Award in Bilingual Skills (BSL/English) qualification

This qualification aims to develop learners' skills for working with D/deaf people as a communication support assistant in businesses where D/deaf people are employed, usually in education or in charitable services or the D/deaf person's own private business. In such working environments, the learner has to
relay information in short meetings or through the telephone, or translate documents and help to produce written documents. This qualification will demonstrate to prospective (or current) employers the learner's
competence in carrying out tasks demanded in this work environment.

Qualification Structure
The qualification is divided into four units as follows:
IBSLBILS1: Relay Information from Spoken English into British Sign Language, and vice versa, in a live
situation: Unit Number: R/505/2879
IBSLBILS2: Relay Information from Spoken English into British Sign Language, and vice versa, in a live
situation using technology: Unit Number: J/505/2880
IBSLBILS3: Provide a sight translation into British Sign Language from English: Unit Number: R/505/2882
IBSLBILS4: Provide written information in English from a signed passage in British Sign Language :Unit
Number: Y/505/2883
Previous participants have said

"The pace was good, the feedback was AMAZING and other centres can't compete, I just wish I knew about SFT years ago! I'll miss you all."
"The course has been fantastic I would and will recommend it. I have gained so much from it and am looking forward to using my skills and knowledge and continue to improve!"
"Full of interesting and complex information from experts - THANK YOU"
"Most definitely. I feel I'm getting good support and am REALLY enjoying this course . Its great to have Judith's view as a client."
"The learning pace is perfect. We have been made to feel we can ask questions at any point to clarify things"
"it is nice to have a Deaf and hearing perspective from the teaching "
"excellent. Food for thought. Read up on books to support theory. Tried out a few new skills at work. "
"Really relaxed atmosphere with constructive feedback so we are aware of what we need to improve "
"The skills and knowledge I learn on the course are invaluable at work."