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Level 4 award in Bilingual skills (BSL/English)


An exciting new opportunity from iBSL to develop learners' skills for working with D/deaf people as a communication support assistant in businesses where D/deaf people are employed, usually in education or in charitable services or the D/deaf person's own private business. In such working environments, the learner has to relay information in short meetings or through the telephone, or translate documents and help to produce written documents. This qualification will demonstrate to prospective (or current) employers the learner's competence in carrying out tasks demanded in this work environment.

This course will teach the skills to:

• Handle most aspects of their day-to-day work, including the unpredictable;
• Understand and use relevant information technology;
• Provide translations of written text into British Sign Language;
• Draft written text from signed passages.

Qualification Structure

The course structure:
Day 1 - Introduction, training and working plan
Day 2 - Training then 2 x Assessments
Day 3 - Training then 2 x Assessments
Day 4 - Training then 2 x Assessments
Day 5 - Assessment 5 (External IBSL) and Assessment 8

There are 4 units to this course:
IBSLBILS1: Relay Information from Spoken English into British Sign Language, and vice versa, in a live situation

IBSLBILS2: Relay Information from Spoken English into British Sign Language, and vice versa, in a live situation using technology

IBSLBILS3: Provide a sight translation into British Sign Language from English

IBSLBILS4 : Provide written information in English from a signed passage in British Sign Language

The assessment activities :
Relay dialogue (2-5 minutes)
Relay to BSL - announcement (30-45 seconds)
Relay telephone call (2-5 minutes)
Relay Web-cam/ videophone (2-5 minutes)
Relay letter to BSL (150-200 words)
Relay document to BSL
Relay letter to english (150-200 words)
Relay business report to english (650-700 words)

We can offer:

It is however an excellent course to become qualified as a CSW.

It is an excellent qualification for d/Deaf and hearing students.

You will need to hold:
a minimum of Level 3 in BSL.
a good standard of written English
a good standard of voiceover skills
a good standard of receptive skills

Course Dates


20th Oct
10th Nov
1st Dec
15th Dec


5th Jan
9th February

Course Costs

£595 (VAT INCLUDED) PLUS £208 iBSL assessment fee. Payment by instalments is available on request

Why Choose us

The phenomenal talent that is Rachel Parker will be your teacher and Assessor also Assistant teacher/Assessor, Penny Gunn

Her decades of experience, proven track record and her friendly engaging approach make her one of the best assessors we have ever seen in action.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the very best !