BSL Courses

BSL Level 1


Level 1 Award in British Sign Language Studies

Oct 2019 & Jan 2020

Tuesday or Thursday evenings in Farnborough
or Tuesday afternoons 12noon - 2pm

Qualification Structure

Your new BSL skills are assessed over 3 distinct units:

  • iBSL1A1: Receptive Skills in BSL;
  • iBSL1A2: Descriptive Skills in BSL;
  • iBSL1A3: Conversational Skills in BSL.

Sign for Thoughts is a local centre and our courses are competitively priced. We offer quality teaching, a friendly service, and our consistently high assessment results are testimony to our success. Many of previous Level 1 students have enjoyed BSL so much, that they have gone on to further levels.

Qualification Objectives

This is an ideal course for anyone interested in starting to learn BSL and requires no previous experience or knowledge. It is fun and we guide you through from absolute beginner to being able to hold simple conversations in Sign.

Our BSL Level course is fully accredited by the Institute of British Sign Language ( iBSL), as recognised by Ofqual (the Office of the Regulator for Qualifications, Examinations and Assessments in England).

In your class you will participate in 54 hours of training from a fully qualified and experienced BSL Teacher. The course is a balanced mix of direct teaching, with supported practice and group work to fully consolidate your learning. The course is designed for you to incorporate another 30 hours practice outside of class through homework and joining in with activities in the Deaf community. The assessments will take place towards the end of your course.

Course Dates

Tuesdays 1st Oct 2019 to 16th June 2020 - Sign for Thoughts Training Centre - evening or afternoon classes available.

Thursdays 3rd Oct 2019 to 18th June 2020 - Sign for Thoughts Training Centre

Course Costs

Course fees are £325 plus VAT

plus £30 for 1 year subscription to Signworld online BSL learning resource including bonus Deaf Culture Package
plus the iBSL assessment fees of £96 approx

Why Choose us

We care about our students and we will support you every step of the way throughout your BSL journey. Our tutors and assessors are extremely talented in their field and have many years of experience behind them. Our 10 years delivering high quality teaching has given us a good reputation with students and the Deaf community alike.

We genuinely care about your success!

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