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iBSL Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies

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Thursday Classes from 19th September 2019 from 7pm -9.15pm

Classes run every week during term-time until Summer 2019.

Interview : FREE 1:1 FaceTime or Skype chat before book a course!

Qualification Structure

The qualification is divided into three units as follows:

  • IBSL3AUN: Understand Varied Signed Language in a range of work contexts
  • IBSL3ASN : Sign using varied language in a range of work contexts
  • IBSL3ADC : Interact with people from different countries or diverse cultures

All three units can be achieved separately, but the full Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies can only be given if there is a PASS in each unit.

This qualification has been developed in accordance with the National Language Standards at Level 3 (2010) and (for one unit) the National Occupational Standards for Intercultural Working (2008).

The best way to use and learn British Sign Language (BSL) is through conversation and discussion with one or more users of the language where straightforward and informal social interaction is the norm and our Level 3 course focuses on just that. We will provide you with a high standard qualification with the right amount of teaching and practice to build your skills. This is because we focus significantly on deeper language acquisition, and the culture and best practice use of BSL, with minimal paperwork and a very HANDS-ON approach. We also invite Deaf speakers from time to time, to enhance our students experience and knowledge through a range of different and interesting topics and discussions. It is the ideal way for you to gain this qualification.

Students will be filmed regularly and receive continual feedback and onward planning as part of this course.

Qualification Objectives

Understand and present information, ideas and opinions;

  • Extract specific details and grasp overall meanings from a range of short passages in BSL
  • Maintain business relationships and manage/follow uncomplicated negotiations relating to issues/concerns in your area of work
  • Take part in discussions relating to varied accounts, reports and instructions delivered in BSL
  • Understand the main points and relevant details of news items, interviews, documentaries and social conversation delivered in BSL
  • Develop interactive communication skills with Deaf people who have different cultural experiences and perspectives to your own and understand/appreciate why these differences exist;

Course Dates

Next course September 2019

Thursdays 7pm to 9.15pm commencing 19th Sept 2019

Teachers: Penny Gunn leading a specialist team including Deaf role models

Interview : FREE 1:1 FaceTime or Skype chat before book a course!

Course Costs

£795 + VAT PLUS £20 - SignWorld News Package) + Registration fee: £140

Optional purchase:
Level 3 package yearly subscription including News Archive £49.99
Linguistics for Intermediate Learners at £24.99 is highly recommended.

Why Choose us

Gaining your BSL level 3 qualifications with SfT has many advantages.

  • Recorded feedback throughout the course, every clip kept on your USB
  • BSL Role models are invited regularly
  • Analysis work on BSL principles
  • Conversations including debates/ discussions, role-play in Deaf issues
  • Our purpose built training suite is ideally situated within easy access of the M3 and is only 40 minutes on the train from London

We care about our students and we will support you every step of the way throughout your BSL journey. Our tutors and assessors are extremely talented in their field and have many years of experience behind them. Our 10 years delivering high quality teaching has given us a good reputation with students and the Deaf community alike.

We genuinely care about your success!

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