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We offer the Level 6 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies through Signature

Our next course starts October 2019 with classes every 2 weeks on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Do ask Penny any questions; she would love to have a chat with you on FaceTime or text her to arrange a drop-in chat.

Qualification Structure

Candidates must demonstrate both receptive and productive BSL skills at level 6, and in all of the eight topics that make up this qualification. Internal and external assessments may cover any of the topics listed in this qualification.
The natural context of using BSL is in two-way interactions (discussions, conversations, debates etc.), as well as one-way interactions (monologues, presentations etc.). The candidate is therefore expected to demonstrate receptive and productive skills in both two-way and one-way interactions. Signature recommends the best approach to teaching and assessing this qualification is by covering both receptive and productive skills together.

Qualification Objectives

To develop candidates who currently demonstrate competence in BSL at level 4, or equivalent, to the deeper, more fluent Level 6 standard

Take an active role in complex situations using BSL

  • Maintain fluent and accurate BSL over extended periods within their area of expertise
  • Understand and use a complex range of vocabulary and technical language
  • Follow and formulate presentations, proposals and arguments in the support of theories and/or ideas
  • Understand and use with accuracy most colloquial and idiosyncratic BSL
  • Relay information informally to and from BSL
  • Demonstrate an understanding of BSL Linguistics theory and practice

These objectives relate to the UK Occupational Languages Standards (2010) at Level 6 as developed by CILT.

Course Dates

NEXT COURSE Starts October 2019

Wednesdays every two weeks or Saturdays twice a month for 18 weeks

Teachers: Judith Jackson, Rachael Parker, Alison Wherry Almio leads a specialist team including Role Models

First session: 2nd October 2019 (Wednesdays) or 12th October 2019 (Saturdays)

Interview : FREE 1:1 FaceTime or Skype chat before book a course!

Course Costs

*£1700 plus VAT

plus SignWorld News Package £20.00
plus registration fee £210

Optional purchase:

Linguistics for Intermediate Learners at £24.99 is highly recommended.

Why Choose us

Gaining your BSL level 6 qualifications with SfT has many advantages;

  • Recorded feedback throughout the course, every clip kept on your USB
  • BSL Role models are invited regularly
  • Analysis work on BSL principles
  • Conversations including debates/ discussions, role-play in Deaf issues

  • Our purpose built training suite is ideally situated within easy access of the M3 and is only 40 minutes on the train from London

We care about our students and we will support you every step of the way throughout your BSL journey. Our tutors and assessors are extremely talented in their field and have many years of experience behind them. Our 10 years delivering high quality teaching has given us a good reputation with students and the Deaf community alike.

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