A Lipspeaker is a hearing person who has been professionally trained to be easy to lipread. Lipspeakers reproduce clearly the shapes of the words and the natural rhythm and stress used by the speaker. They also use facial expression, gesture and, if requested, finger spelling, to aid the lipreader's understanding.

Please read the entry requirements before enrolling, and please contact us if you have any queries

Entry Qualifications / Academic Qualifications:

Applicants are expected to have a passed minimum of 5 GCSEs (A - C) or GCSEs (including English Language) and 2 A levels or equivalent academic or vocational qualifications. A higher education qualification is usually very helpful, however, exceptions may be made for candidates who do not have these qualifications but who can demonstrate that they have the potential to become Lipspeakers. Evidence of qualifications (i.e. original certificates) must be brought to the Information/Selection Day.

Qualities and Attributes:

Selection will be based on the NOS standards. The selectors will be looking for:
Good unaided hearing; good breath control; potentially naturally clear speech with and without voice; a good memory; a good command of English; an expressive face; no facial jewellery; no visible facial hair such as a beard, moustache or designer stubble; no visible facial piercings or other distractions; no visible tattoos; clothes which do not distract etc.; a professional attitude; and the ability to remain calm under pressure; a pleasant, warm, friendly and approachable manner; a practical and intelligent approach to solving problems; a practical approach to solving problems.

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Qualification Structure

Led by Lesley Weatherson and a pool of teaching staff.

Lesley Weatherson
NRCPD Registered Sign Language Interpreter
NRCPD Registered Lipspeaker
Chair Association of Lipspeakers with Additional Sign

Training to become a Lipspeaker...
The new course will be based on the new Lipspeaking Qualification developed from the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Lipspeaking. Below are the 4 mandatory modules:

- Prepare for Lipspeaking Assignments
- Deliver Lipspeaking Services
- Develop your performance as a Lipspeaker
- Co-work with other Lipspeakers

Assessments will consist of written and practical work.

The course...
The course will consist of 23 course attendance days.
In addition to attendance days, students are expected to carry out the following:

- Extensive lipspeaking practice at home using recorded materials such as audio CDs and DVDs
- Observation of lipreading classes
- Observation of a hard of hearing club(s)
- Where possible, observing and working with professional lipspeakers in the field.

Qualification Objectives

Entry to the Lipspeaker Training Course

If you are interested in this lipspeaking course there will be an Information/Selection Day in January 2020.

This will help you to:

  • Find out more about lipspeaking
  • Learn more about the course
  • Decide whether you think you have the qualities necessary to become a lipspeaker
  • Observe a lipspeaker in action
  • Do some lipspeaking yourself

Applicants will also be assessed on their suitability for the course at the Information/Selection Day. Successful candidates will be notified within 48 hours following the Information/Selection Day.

A non-refundable fee of £90 incl VAT will be charged for the Information/Selection Day.
The decision of the Selection Panel will be final.

Course Dates

Our next Lipspeaking Course will begin in April 2020, with exact dates TBC.
We will have an interview and selection day for the course on 15th February 2020

Course Costs

Course fee is £3000 (including VAT).
Plus Assessment fee of £265*
Total: £3265

Payment of fees by instalments may be agreed upon arrangement.

*Assessment fee is subject to change depending on Signature's decision

Why Choose us

Our purpose built training suite is ideally situated within easy access of the M3 and is only 40 minutes on the train from London. We care about our students and we will support you every step of the way throughout your BSL journey. Our tutors and assessors are extremely talented in their field and have many years of experience behind them. Our 12 years delivering high quality teaching has given us a good reputation with students and the Deaf community alike.

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