Welcome to Sign for Thoughts!

Welcome from the Director of Training

A very warm welcome to Sign for Thoughts!
I'm so pleased that you are thinking of joining us and giving us the chance to be part of your deaf communication journey. No matter whether you want to learn with us as a hobby, to chat more easily with your friends, or as a stepping-stone for your future career as a Sign Language Communicator, Support Worker. Lipspeaker, Interpreter or Deafblind Communicator, we have everything you need right here.

In response to a sudden, dramatic decline in the availability of BSL courses across the country, I set up Sign for Thoughts in 2007 to fill the gap and to make sure that learning BSL was available to anyone who wanted to do so. Over the last 12 years, we have expanded the learning that is available so now we can take you through all levels of BSL as well as Interpreting, Lipspeaking and Deafblind qualifications. We are full accredited with both accrediting bodies - Signature AND iBSL.

I am excited to announce the introduction of our newest course which offers the Level 3 Award Deafblind Communication Award. This is being introduced after the Summer, in response to the roaring success of our Level 1 and Level 2 Deafblind courses.

This is on top of all of other courses. We are your one-stop shop for all things communication for deaf, Deaf, and Deafblind. SO come on in and have a look at what's right for you.

The greatest pleasure and excitement I have is seeing students develop and make progress with their confidence and language skills. It is marvellous to keep in touch with what they go on to achieve when they leave us. Once a Sign for Thoughts friend - always a Sign for Thoughts friend!

"With Sign Language we can open up the world with wonderful communication, where Deaf, Deaf Blind and Hearing communities warmly welcome each other, and lifelong friendships can be made."

I believe very strongly that access to language should be available to EVERYONE in our community, whether you use BSL, English, Lipreading, Deafblind Manual. With access to the right communication we can open up the world with wonderful conversations, rich interactions and where Deaf, Deafbind, deafened and hearing communities warmly welcome each other. A world where the barriers to effective communication are removed, and lifelong friendships can be made.

The whole community has something to gain from sharing a common language;
which is why we work very closely with other organisations including Health Trusts, Charities (in particular Chloe and Sophie's Special Ears Fund(CSSEF), Local Authorities and Schools, Clhoe and Sophie's Special Ears Fund(CSSEF)

Now I don't do this by myself! I have the most talented team of Deaf and hearing professionals working alongside me, many of whom have been here since the beginning, bringing passion and nurturing care to your learning environment.

I do hope you choose us to be part of your learning, but whatever you do and wherever you go I wish you every success and happiness with your future. Keep those fingers moving!

Penny Gunn