Terms & Conditions for Students


1. This is an agreement between SIGN FOR THOUGHTS (SfT) and The STUDENT (you), to provide
communication training as specified in your booking.

Payment to be made by bank transfer. We do not accept cash, cheque or credit card payments.
a. Once you have enrolled on a course online through our website, we will issue you with an invoice for full fees, or an instalment plan if you have indicated this as a preferred payment method..
b. Please note that if you wish to withdraw from your course place, you must do so at least 2 weeks prior to the course start date and you will be charged a £25 plus vat admin fee. There are no refunds for course withdrawals 13 days or less from the course start date, and you remain obligated to complete the payment plan in full.
c. Late payments will attract a late-payment fee of £25.
d. Changes to the instalment plan, once agreed and accepted, will attract an administration fee of £25
e. Please aware that we will make a court claim to recover any fees left unpaid for 30 days after invoice deadline.
f. If you withdraw from a course after 2 weeks and have paid in full or in instalments you will be charged an admin fee of £25 plus vat

The course fees payable are inclusive of:

f. Administration Fees

g. Training from suitable qualified teachers, (and assessors and internal verifiers where appropriate to the course)

h. Electronic resources used in class will be shared with students after class for their own personal learning and development.

i. Refreshments available during class.

[Please note that our Level 1 and Level 2 courses use the Signworld online resources as part of
the course. The fees for which will be added to your course fees automatically]


j. The course Accreditation assessment Fees as set by Signature/iBSL

k. Signature/iBSL official publications which are available for students to buy through the Signature/iBSL

l Additional Learning resource materials such as recommended reading, DVDs, videos, or books


Assessment DATES and TIMES are set at the start of the course.

Students are expected to make every effort to attend these dates. If a separate date is needed for a candidate who cannot attend the set time and date, then this will incur an additional cost for Assessor fees and admin fees, on top of the candidates standard unit assessment fee.

If a student cannot attend an assessment due to ill health a medical certificate or doctors note must be supplied in order to re-book the assessment without incurring a fee from the awarding body and to allow a free re-sit of the assessment missed.


Once you have paid course fees your place on the course is secure.

Please note that fees are NON-TRANSFERABLE between courses.

a. Should SIGN FOR THOUGHTS terminate a course early due to civil unrest, or a Force Majeure the student will receive an SfT credit note of course fees proportionate to the number of hours of training not already provided, This credit will be valid for any SfT services for 12 months.
(Any event that is outside of the control of SfT (such as a Global Pandemic) may cause the course to be delayed, moved to an online platform, or moved to a larger venue to abide by social distancing rules.)

b. No refund will be given to any student who is asked to leave their course due to their violence or serious unacceptable behaviour.

c. If you withdraw from a course within the 2 weeks prior to the course starting, you will receive no refund of fees already paid. We will give you a full refund for Signworld resources as long as the centre has not already purchased the resource.

d. No refund will be given to students who withdraw from their course for whatever reason, after the course start date. Payment by pre-authorised instalment plan will still be required until full payment has been received.

e. Assessment fees will only be refunded if candidates HAVE NOT been registered with the accrediting body for one or all of the units, in these cases an administration fee will apply

f. SfT will not reimburse you for overnight accommodation costs (if applicable) or pre-booked travel costs, even if we need to change the date of a class part way through the course because of unforeseen circumstances. Please book REFUNDABLE hotel places and travel tickets so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances you can seek a refund from the vendor directly.

f* Refunds will be subject to an administration fee.

4* Either party reserves the right to be consulted and to reject any amendment of the original agreement if deemed undesirable