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Samantha Kenward - Sign Language Teacher

Job Title

Sign Language Teacher


Hi, I'm Samantha or Sami!

I'm a native BSL user and a Northerner at heart. Armed with a degree in Psychology from the University of Leicester, I moved to London in 2003 for a career in the media with my first stint as a researcher on Vee-TV, a deaf magazine style series. I worked on BBC EastEnders as an archivist for six years before I decided to up and leave the country to travel the world exploring different cultures with my now husband, experiencing this wonderful adventure of a lifetime!

Upon returning, I wanted a career change so I became a communications officer at SignHealth, a deaf health charity, for a few years. There I found my passion in translating health information into BSL for deaf people - they deserve full access to information in their first language. So one thing led to another and after having my two young children, I joined the team at Sign for Thoughts as a sign language tutor.

I've been teaching Level 1 since January 2020 and I look forward to what opportunities the future may bring with teaching BSL and for the students to thrive in their learning. My hope for the future is for BSL to be included in the national curriculum in schools across the country, uniting both Deaf and hearing people from all walks of life.

I love spending time with my family and friends, enjoying the great outdoors, visiting places, baking cakes and treats, and trying to stick to running and keeping fit!