Wednesday 4th August 2021

Thank you to all our students and teachers for supporting us over the last year, what a challenging time it has been.
We have been so impressed with the resilience of the staff and their students to rise to the challenge in taking training and assessments online and using all the resources available to them to make learning from home possible.

We have carried on most courses online as an option, throughout all lockdowns. As a result we now run online only courses to meet demand and are loving the new approach to delivering our courses; as well as carrying on with in person training in the Farnborough area.

Penny remains Director but has stepped down mostly from teaching BSL to focus on Deafblind training and overseeing and mentoring the teaching team.

The last 2 years have seen the staff team grow and we are loving the fun and enthusiasm they all bring to SFT. We welcome Nina, Sami, Alison, Ilan, MaryAnn, We say goodbye to Jackie, and Helen, thank you all so much. Continued thanks to Charlotte, Mo, Kristen, Judith, Rachael and Sarah.

Onward and upward for a better year to come!