Deafblind Level 2


Sign for Thoughts is delighted to be running the iBSL Level 2 Award in Deafblind Communication Course. The courses will commence in January 2022. We are running 3 courses, each course is 4 full days teaching and 1 assessment day.

With around 330,475 Deafblind people in the UK, we need to spread awareness and improve communication and access for all.

This qualification aims to further learners' experiences and development in communication awareness through British Sign Language (BSL) with Deafblind people in everyday life socially or at work, in school or college. A Level 2 course will enable development in functional Deafblind communication in more depth than at Level 1.

The Level 2 Award in Deafblind Communication is suitable for those who:

  • Wish to acquire Deafblind Communication skills at an intermediate level for the purpose of holding more detailed communication with Deafblind people;
  • Need to acquire Deafblind Communication skills as part of a programme of study or professional development;
  • Are studying for personal development with a view to future employment;
  • Wish to progress from the Level 1 Deafblind Awareness Award.

Our Deafblind courses are fully accredited by the Institute of British Sign Language (iBSL), as recognised by Ofqual (the Office of the Regulator for Qualifications, Examinations and Assessments in England).

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Qualification Structure

Qualification Objectives

The course is comprised of 3 blocks of 2 days training with a final assessment day at the end of the course.

The qualification is divided into two units:

  • IBSL2ADB1: Understand and take part in routine conversations using Deafblind Communication
  • IBSL2ADB2: Understand and use Deafblind Communication in everyday contexts

Learners are expected to spend a total of 30hrs after the 4 teaching days gaining experience with Deafblind people ready for their assessment.

Please note "research and private study time" includes live interaction with Deafblind people to learn to use different modes of communication.

At the end of the qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Acquire sufficient communication skills with Deafblind people, including those in the workplace or at school/college, at an intermediate level.
  • Understand and give advice & information to Deafblind people about everyday work and/or social matters using appropriate communication at an intermediate level.
  • Present information and ideas to a Deafblind person, including selecting and organising the information and ideas in an effective manner.
  • Responding to spoken or signed language when with Deafblind person, including listening to and responding appropriately to any questions and feedback for the benefit of a Deafblind person.
  • Expressing ideas using client-preferred modes of Deafblind Communication.

Costs and Dates

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Dates and Times

Course A - FULL
14th & 15th January 2022 - 10am-4pm
4 & 5th February 2022 - 10am-4pm
22nd July 2022 (Assessment day)

Course B - FULL
23rd & 24th February 2022 - 10am-4pm
16th & 17th March 2022 - 10am-4pm
21th July 2022 (Assessment day)

Course C
29th & 30th April 2022 - 10am-4pm
1st & 2nd July - 10am-4pm
11th November 2022 (Assessment day)

2022/2023 Course

21st & 22nd October 2022 - 10am-4pm
18th & 19th November 2022 - 10am-4pm
17th March 2023 (Assessment day)
Course fees are £546 (including VAT).
Plus Assessment fee of £84
Total: £630

Saturday 21st January & Sunday 22nd January 2023 - 10am-4pm
Saturday 11th February & Sunday 12th February 2023 - 10am-4pm
Saturday 15th July 2023 (Assessment day)
Course fees are £546 (including VAT).
Plus Assessment fee of £84
Total: £630

MARCH 2023
Wednesday 1st March & Thursday 2nd March 2023 - 10am-4pm
Wednesday 22nd March & Thursday 23rd March 2023 - 10am-4pm
19th July 2023 (Assessment day)
Course fees are £546 (including VAT).
Plus Assessment fee of £84
Total: £630

Payment of fees by instalments maybe agreed upon arrangement . The instalment plan would consist of 4 instalments to cover the course cost plus a final instalment for the assessment fee. The first 2 instalments or 50% of the the course fee must be paid before the start of the course.

*Organisations please contact directly by email for course costs

Please ensure you have checked the entry requirements above before enrolling

Course fees are subject to change

  • Entrants MUST have the Level 1 Award in Deafblind Awareness qualification *(iBSL or Signature) before embarking on the Level 2 Award in Deafblind Communication.

*students can start DB L2 while awating results of your Deafblind Level 1 course

  • Entrants should hold Level 2 Certificate in BSL (Signature or iBSL) or equivalent. Those students who do not hold this qualification will be internally assessed by the centre to determine whether they are at the required language standard to undertake the course and its requirements. Sign for Thoughts' decision on this is final.

This course may launch you towards a rewarding and fulfilling career working for a deafblind person. Would you like to work in an environment of providing practical assistance to enable a person to fully access their community, or where you would be promoting their personal and social development and well-being?
Read more about how one organisation supports Deafblind people in the community [Sight for Surrey =]

Whether you are interested in a new career, developing your existing job, or are just interested in learning more please join us on this course.

Penny is available for a 1-1 FaceTime chat or drop in at the centre and would love to answer any questions you may have regarding the course. Please Contact Us to arrange this.