Tuesday 20th September 2022

Penny Gunn and SFT are delighted to have been shortlisted in Signature's Hall of Fame. The ceremony is 18 November. We feel very honoured to be included in such a prestigious group of nominees. Thank you everyone for your support, SFT wouldn't be SFT without our students, teachers and staff !

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Wednesday 4th August 2021

Thank you to all our students and teachers for supporting us over the last year, what a challenging time it has been. We have been so impressed with the resilience of the staff and their students to rise to the challenge in taking training and assessments online and using all the resources available to them to make learning from home possible. We have carried on most courses online as an option, throughout all lockdowns. As a result we now run online only courses to meet demand and are loving the new approach to delivering our courses; as well as carrying on with in person training in the Farnborough area. Penny remains Director but has stepped down mostly from teaching BSL…

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Friday 31st May 2019

We are so proud of all of you, our amazing students. Our next cohort of Trainee Interpreters are just about to qualify, so more hearing people and BSL users can communicate without barriers. WOW Our DeafBlind students are qualifying in their dozens with fantastically high pass rates. AMAZING This is down to your hard work and commitment to learning We are proud to play a part in your journey. Keep up the good work .

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GDPR comes into affect

Tuesday 19th June 2018

New GDPR law. GDPR came into affect in May 2018. To adhere to this Sign for Thoughts must delete student's data 3 months after the end of their course. We can email you about future training / course which may be of interest to you but you must give your consent for Sign for Thoughts to hold your data. Alternatively, to receives automatic updates/news on any of our Courses, Workshops or Training, then please join the general mailing list (on average once a quarter for the general lis, or select individual courses to get bespoke emails) please Subscribe You can unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time.

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Celebrating excellence!

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Signature Awards HELLO! Do any of you know a very special person who has dedicated their entire career to lessen the issues facing deaf people?? Or maybe a Centre that genuinely cares about the achievements of their teachers and students?? 😉 Don't forget to put your nominations in ...

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PRIDE in British Sign Language

Tuesday 6th March 2018

To coincide with the anniversary of BSL Recognition Day (18 March) the British Deaf Association (BDA) holds a nationwide Sign Language Week, celebrating our beautiful and unique language, British Sign Language (BSL). Sign Language Week is designed to raise awareness of the United Kingdom's Deaf community and provide a platform for Deaf people to proudly promote their language and culture. Click below for more info and join in the fun!: PRIDE

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SPREAD THE JOY of great communication for everyone

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Success yet again for our programme of Deafblind training! A marvellous course was run in Derby, and we've been asked back to deliver more, such is the demand for the learning. Great news. Our latest iBSL Level 6 students all passed with flying colours, well done chaps, we're really proud of you. Congratulations to a new set of future lipspeakers who passed our selection process last week and are embarking on their journey with us from April. Can't wait to get those lips moving :)

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Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Another hugely successful year for our wonderful students. Well done, all of your hard work paid off!

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Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Congratulations to our latest co-hort of students who have just qualified in Level 1 Deafblind Awareness. Well done everyone. We are really pleased with how much interest there is in our programme of Deafblind Training courses. We run Level 1 awareness, Level 2 Deafblind communication courses and we are very excited to say that the Level 3 Deafblind communication course will be available early in 2018. The courses have become so popular , we needed to introduce waiting lists for the next co-hort! With around 330,475 Deafblind people in the UK, we need to spread awareness and improve communication and access for all, so your enthusiasm for learning makes us feel very happy and very proud. Thank you!

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Man's best friend..

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Our student lipspeakers were delighted to meet two Hearing Dogs for Deaf people at their last session. Thank you so much to the their lovely owners who gave up their time to come in to talk to the students about their life, their deaf identity and how their working dogs enhance their daily lives. Gorgeous dogs!

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